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Bullseye from NPR is your curated guide to culture. Jesse Thorn hosts in-depth interviews with brilliant creators, culture picks from our favorite critics and irreverent original comedy. Bullseye has been featured in Time, The New York Times, GQ and McSweeney's, which called it "the kind of show people listen to in a more perfect world." (Formerly known as The Sound of Young America.)

[r] Who is Lemmy? Well he’s the singer for Motörhead and he’s revered by metal fans around the globe. Jesse talked to Lemmy in person a couple of years ago at SxSW and you’ll hear that amazing conversation later in the show. But first we revisit Jesse’s conversation with Jackson Publick, the co-creator of The Venture Bros. The show has just returned for a fifth season after a long hiatus. Plus, a couple of Jason Kottke’s all time picks for the best stuff on the web, and the hosts of My Brother My Brother and Me offer up answers to listeners’ pop culture quandaries.

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Director Paul Feig talks about being a child magician, an actor and stand-up, and what finally drove him behind the camera to direct film and television. Plus, he’ll talk about his new movie The Heat, his last movie Bridesmaids, and why he likes watching women be funny. Then Ophira Eisenberg talks about why she used to date so much and so often. She’s the host of NPR’s Ask Me Another, and her memoir is called Screw Everyone: Sleeping My Way to Monogamy. Plus, the New Yorker’s TV critic Emily Nussbaum talks about a couple of her favorite new shows, and why you ought to check them out.

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Charlie Wilson made hits in the 80s as the frontman of the Gap Band. In the 90s he was homeless on the streets of LA. Then, he turned it all around. Jesse talks with Charlie Wilson about his astonishing career with The Gap Band and his later collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Tupac and more. Plus hear stand-up comedy from The Daily Show’s Al Madrigal, culture picks from Mark Frauenfelder, and which  Mountain Goats song you should listen to immediately.


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[r] “Weird Al” Yankovic is a master of parody music and one of the all-time bestselling accordionists. He and Jesse talk about Yankovic’s multi-decade career. Plus, Bullseye’s rap contributor Andrew Noz talks about some his all-time favorite tracks. Then Geoffrey Nunberg discusses the origins of the word A-hole, and how its cultural significance has changed over time. Lastly, Jesse reveals who, for his money, is the all-time king of late night talk shows.

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