NPR: Bullseye with Jesse Thorn
Bullseye from NPR is your curated guide to culture. Jesse Thorn hosts in-depth interviews with brilliant creators, culture picks from our favorite critics and irreverent original comedy. Bullseye has been featured in Time, The New York Times, GQ and McSweeney's, which called it "the kind of show people listen to in a more perfect world." (Formerly known as The Sound of Young America.)
Dr. Paul Mullins is a cultural anthropologist and the author of Glazed America: A History of the Donut.
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Rob Corddry is an actor and comedian.  For four years, he was a correspondent on The Daily Show.  His most recent project is a web series for called Children's Hospital.
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Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan talk about their post-apocalyptic Santa Claus story The Last Christmas, plus a holiday sketch from Elephant Larry.
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Patrick Borelli and Douglas Gorenstein are the authors of Holy Headshot, a book of bizarre and amazing head shots from actors and performers across the country.  Note that this podcast is in .m4a (enhanced podcast) format, and should play in iTunes, on iPods and on Zunes.  An MP3 of this show can be found at our website.
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Singer-songwriter Ben Folds' new album is called Way to Normal.
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Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald are founding members of The Kids in the Hall.  The group has reformed for a national tour of the US and an upcoming miniseries on Canadian television.
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Alan Zweibel was an original writer on Saturday Night Live, a co-creator of the groundbreaking sitcom It's Garry Shandling's Show, and is a producer on and contributor to Curb Your Enthusiasm.  His new book is Clothing Optional.
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John Hodgman is a contributor to the Daily Show and the author of two books, the more recent of which is More Information Than You Require.
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Gideon Yago is an Emmy and Peabody award-winning journalist, best known for his work on MTV News.  He's the host of The IFC Media Project.
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The Dirtbombs are a Detroit-based rock and roll band.  Their newest album is We Have You Surrounded.
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